domingo, 7 de julio de 2013

Picasso Project

I have here another art project I did with my 2nd grade students last year.
Here you are the Teacher's notes for the project, ansd the booklet I gave the students to keep make some of the activities and to keep their work.

During the first lesson, we were discussing what is an artist, with the kids ideas an thoungts. Then we saw a PPT presentation with some Picasso artworks. On the booklet they had to answer to some questions about the different paintings ansd to say what the pictures make them feel.

Later, we learnt about Picasso's life and the periods of his art.
We focused on the Blue and Pink periods to learn something about cold and warm colours, and how they make us feel. We painted the same drawing with different colours (cold and warm) to see how they looked different.

Aftehr that w discovered what Cubism and Impresionism is, and how Picasso  drew people imagining he was looking at them from the front and from one side at the same time. We alsomade some Picasso Portraits.

To finish with the project, we studied Picasso's famous painting: "El Guernica". We were looking for the details of the painting in a book, and trying to understand it. We learnt that it talks about war and suffering. We tryed to change it to making the "Ghernica of Peace". We had some silhouettes form the painting on large construction paper and in groups we coloured and decorated it, to finally put them on a great and colorfull background. (I took the silhouettes from

We finished our project visiting "Reina Sofía" Museum and there we could see some Picasso paintings and "El Guernica" that is amazingly big!!!

Whole project materials

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